Grinding Media Steel Balls Production Line for Industrial

Electric Induction Heating furnace for round steel bar
Hot rolling device
Quenching system
Continous tempering furnace
Ball range: 20mm – 125mm


Quick detail:

Own designed

High efficent

Entire hot rolled steel ball production line

Name: Grinding Ball Machine


This entire line is own-designed, have high efficent, need few workers per shift by easy operation, offer stable & high quality of steel ball by following our production progress.


  1. Heating furnace: heat on round steel bar to right temperature.
  2. Hot rolling device: red state steel bar is in the rolling device, it will rorate between two rollers with special spiral groove, and continuously rolling to steel ball.
  3. Hosit: the steel ball after hot rolling, it will be sent to hosit, then send to ball filter machine, which will exclude the unqualified steel ball

Qualified steel ball will go to a hoist for natural colling. During this period,the temperature of steel ball will be plc system,compare with set point value,after calculate by computer, auto control the speed of hosit in order to strictly control the temperature of steel ball.

  1. Quenching system: steel ball transfer by hosit & cool to right temperature, go into spiral quenching system. During this period, the temperature of steel ball is also real-time monitored by plc system(foreign brand), after quenching, the steel ball will go to outlet, where we set up infrared temperature detection device,every 20 minutes detect the temperature of steel ball & compare with set point value. After calculation by computer, it will auto change the speed of spiral quenching, in order to match the quenching request.
  2. Continous tempering furnace: steel ball cool to right temperature on hosit, sent to tempering furnace to eliminate stress.

Production flow:

Competitive advantage:

Top high cost performance;

Easy operating by few workers;


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